My oath

I’d like to apologize to all of you for neglecting my blog for such a long time. I suppose good things take time to brew. Today I’m making a post I’ve been thinking about making for a very long time. Basically I want to reiterate my commitment to 2 things.

First, on a personal level, my dedication to my art. At the present moment that means my acting. But like most artists, my main passion is creativity itself. That is why I love modelling, doing photography, singing (no matter how terrible I sound lol!), writing drawing, dancing and directing! Phew…Did I forget anything?

I’ve learned through many hardships that focusing on a single activity or passion at a time is the only way for that channel to express itself in the material world. That is why I’m focused on my acting career right now. I admire the courage it takes to let emotion and truth shine through an individual for all to see. And THAT is what I aspire to! Everything else is just distractions.

My greatest inspiration.

Second of all, I want to reiterate my commitment to making this world a saner, more humane place for all sensible beings. There’s a Buddhist poem I remind myself of to inspire me to be a better person every moment. It goes something like this:

As long as there is space,

As long as there will be sensible beings,

So too shall I remain,

To ease their suffering.

In closing, I’m making this post to remind myself of both of these commitments. If I ever get lost along the way, don’t be afraid to slap me in the back of the head and redirect me in the right path! I promise to do the same for you! 😉

With undying love,



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