There’s a shit ton of Corruption in Québec

Maclean’s got a lot of heat for publishing this article last year. From what I heard, there were some editorial liberties taken(I have not had the time to read the entire thing in question as of this moment), but in essence, the writer was right on the $money$! The State’s bloated, inefficient bureaucracy coupled with a very obvious lack of transparency makes for a cesspool of backdoor wheelings and dealings that profit the very few at the expense of everyone else. Our public healthcare system is rotting away like its much-too patient patients. I won’t lie, there’s a part of me that wishes my fellow citizens had balls like Tunisians are showing.

And this year our so-called leaders somehow felt that raising taxes on everything under the sun would be somehow good for the economy. We’re all going to suffer through this new batch of taxes while our Overlords, the Québec Liberals, keep on blocking all attempts at investigations everyone else wants to open. Because they have absolute Power and they know they’re corrupt to the core. Why else would they act this way? It’s no wonder they pulled an election a couple of years ago when they saw they had an opportunity to have a majority.

And please, don’t get me started on Stephen Harper and his Reform…I mean Conservatives! Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Hey man, that sheep’s costume ain’t fooling no one with half a brain!

On a personal level, the result is that I have no motivation to pay my taxes except for the threat of violence and sanctions. I don’t like telling this to anyone, but I’ve been on welfare on and off for years. I don’t want to go back there. I don’t feel like being looked down upon by some boob with a bulletproof job that I would be more than qualified for yet refuse to do because well…I have principles and I have a never-ending thirst for freedom!

How do you feel about paying your taxes when people are throwing out their corrupt mayors through mobs? When you hear stories of patients being operated on after days of waiting in hallways with little to no intimacy…Why are we under-funding our vital healthcare system while we allow private clinics to pop up everywhere to serve those who have more money? Do you think that having more money means you have more worth than others? I don’t. Not when I look at the crooks and liars in power.

We need to regain some sense of justice and sanity. And we’re not going to regain that with the Québec Liberals and Federal Conservatives!

Your input is more than welcome.


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