The End of Possession

We’re all in the system. The monetary system that is. Why? Because, fundamentally we believe that we can trade money for goods or services. And we believe that because we believe in possession. Individually, why do we steal? Because of fear of scarcity. Collectively, why do we start wars? To acquire more land and resources.  Why? Because through the lens of the ego we never have enough.

Sure, there’s some success stories out there of people who make lots of money while staying true to a humane set of principles. But if you look at the success ratio of the system…It’s not very high.

How do you define success? Depends on who you ask. I define it as finding happiness and fulfillment while being a positive, uplifting influence to others. But please, don’t let me or anyone else define it for you! I say that for your own good.

I’m going to try a social experiment. If that wording scares you remember that a lot of what you buy at the grocery store is genetically modified. The only difference between most social experiments and this one is that you know about this one!

So what’s the experiment? It is to get rid of the possession concept. What would a world free of that concept look like? The answer is I don’t know! But I do believe it would be much more liberating than the world we live in here and now! For all of us.

Free your mind, heart and Soul. Only then can you effectively free others.

I’ll start a blog or website soon where I’ll disown one of my possessions. I will make it very clear that it is impossible for it to be possessed by anyone under any circumstance whatsoever, under any law, treaty or any condition for the rest of eternity. That object will simply be. I will then invite everyone to try it out as well, and see how far we can go with that notion.

Feel free to do the same experiment on your own, or start a website with a similar idea behind it as well. It’s not my idea anyway! I don’t believe in possession remember? 


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