Painting myself into a corner

As I advance through my career as an artist, I notice that I’m gradually painting myself into a corner.

And I love it!

Copyright Charlene Lynch

If the thought of painting yourself into a corner frightens you, try a different perspective! What if that was actually the most wonderful corner you’ve ever witnessed? What if you could bring your own touch to that particular corner and embellish it for the World to see? What if you could spread a positive message through that corner? What if you could paint it, sculpt it, touch it, feel it, breathe it, taste it, hear it and watch it unravel more intensely that anything else? It’s a wonderful thought, and it also liberates me from yet another fear: the fear of being painted into a corner…by others!

After all…It’s not like I can’t just move on to another corner if this particular corner becomes dull and annoying, like the Conservative Party of Canada!

Happy Earth Day everyone!!


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