Last Night I Got Choked Up…

This video set me off.

You have no idea how much seeing this would have changed my life if I had seen it as a little kid.  For the best.  In every. Single. Way.  And I’m only soon-to-be 32.  I have friends who are much older.  I lost one of them not too long ago. This guy:

I am proud to be who I am today.  I can thank Alan Sues for it, in part.  He was a major pioneer as far as being in the spotlight goes.  For gay people, that is .

I don’t know if kids realize these days just how much dedication to compassion, love and enlightenment was put into giving us a better World to live in today.  Alan was dedicated to those values in his own quirky way, whether he realized it or not.  I feel like it is my Honor, my Privilege and my Duty to give back to this same World.


In my own little way.

Thank you Alan.


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