Shots from “Maria’s Boys”


Here are a couple of candid moments from the set of Maria’s Boys! A wonderful project with tons of potential! Coming soon to a computer or mobile screen near you!!

That last shot is with co-stars André Bédard and Joëlle Jérémie! What could Maria’s Boys be doing for a living? Hmmm…


THE SHORTLIST (DAY 3) The Arcade Fire

It took me a lot of thought to come up with number 3. Honestly, there’s a ton of Film Directors, Actors and various other people I would love to work with!

In the end, I decided to go with The Arcade Fire. Honestly…I’m a big fan! It’s that simple. Although I’m focusing on my acting career right now, I would love to direct a music video for them. I’d love to play a role in one of their music videos as well!

And between you and me… I absolutely adored observing people’s reactions last year when their album, The Suburbs, won the Grammy for Best Album! Many good laughs were had!

Here’s the Music Video for their Title Track…The Suburbs, directed by Spike Jonze (another name that could go on the list!) 

The Shortlist…Day 2 (Xavier Dolan)

Yep…This one’s a hottie!

He’s not just a pretty face though. He’s so much more than that! I don’t know how many people you know who have won 3 prizes at Cannes from the Director’s Fortnight, but I’m pretty sure Xavier is the only one! One of the prizes recognizes his undeniable talent as a screenwriter, another one from the Youth segment and the last one for the CICAE (Confédération internationale des cinémas d’art et d’essai).

And just like with Denis Villeneuve… I’ve actually worked with Xavier in the past as well! I played a small silent role in his upcoming film, Laurence Anyways. Check out the trailer at the link, it looks really interesting! Now… I’m ready for more!

…Oh, by the way, he’s even cuter in person!

Enter…The Shortlist (Day 1)

This week I will be featuring fellow Actors and Film Directors I intend to work with someday. 

The first person on The Shortlist is Québécois Film Director Denis Villeneuve. Actually, come to think of it…We’ve worked together before already! I was an extra for Polytechnique, a heart-wrenching film about the real-life tragic shooting that took place on December 6th at the Polytechnique in 1989. 

It was a real Honor and a Privilege watching him at work!

You might not know him if you’re not Québécois, but Mr. Villeneuve is an extremely talented and sensitive Film Director. His latest film, Incendies, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2011! I’ve seen it and let me tell you, it was a very well-deserved nomination! I cannot find the words to express just how deeply and powerfully the film moved me. It literally brought me to tears. Some scenes are unbearable. And yet, through it all, Denis masterfully weaves an incredible story inspired by Wajdi Mouawad‘s play. There’s tons of local and foreign talent that was involved in the making of this film as well, and it shows! 

I’ve been following Denis’ career ever since I rented his first Feature Film, Un 32 août sur Terre (August 32nd on Earth). Following his evolution has been a blessing ever since! I highly doubt Denis Villeneuve remembers working with me, but I really want to work with him in the future…This time, as an Actor. I would really love to get involved in the process of crafting a film with him. Hopefully, this time, Denis will remember me…And so will the film-going public!

Hey Mr. Denis Villeneuve…If you’re reading this, all I can say is…Thank you! You’re first on The Shortlist for a very good reason!

Last Night I Got Choked Up…

This video set me off.

You have no idea how much seeing this would have changed my life if I had seen it as a little kid.  For the best.  In every. Single. Way.  And I’m only soon-to-be 32.  I have friends who are much older.  I lost one of them not too long ago. This guy:

I am proud to be who I am today.  I can thank Alan Sues for it, in part.  He was a major pioneer as far as being in the spotlight goes.  For gay people, that is .

I don’t know if kids realize these days just how much dedication to compassion, love and enlightenment was put into giving us a better World to live in today.  Alan was dedicated to those values in his own quirky way, whether he realized it or not.  I feel like it is my Honor, my Privilege and my Duty to give back to this same World.


In my own little way.

Thank you Alan.