Behind the Scenes: Transformation Meditation Stopmotion Animation

This particular behind the scenes includes a conversational interview between  April Anna and myself with regards to the subject of letting go to meditation.



At long last April Anna and I are ready to show you the fruits of our labour of Love! Check out the stop motion video she edited on her blog. It is simply fantastic work in my humble opinion. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

…And a great big thank you to April Anna for her dedicated, inspired work, generosity and wisdom!

Nurture your Wisdom, Reason and Compassion

Today I am self-employed. After years of trying to fit into the system and getting spit out every which way, I decided to say fuck it and followed my own heart and intuition instead. I don’t buy the old fallacy of appeal to authority you see.

Today I am all about opening eyes, hearts and souls. Instead of struggling to make money, like everyone else, I decided to face my fear of scarcity. I’ve opened my eyes to the fact that debt is inherent to the economic system. On a Global scale, there is always more debt than money available. And the discrepancy keeps on growing. Today, 15 million children die of starvation every year. Today, those who are truly in power are the multinationals who have the money and influence to buy out any Supreme Court judge, politician or President. If we let them. Our Home is in deep suffering and we are all controlled to some extent by our conditioning and our individual and collective fear. Our monetary system promotes egocentrism. It promotes the idea of Win/Lose, whether you personally believe in Win/Win or not.

A time of Great Change is at hand. You must make a choice today. You will either accept and promote the needed change, or you will resist it. Just as you suffer when you resist the Present Moment, you will suffer if you resist this Great Change. A very wise man once said, truthfully: “The only Constant in the Universe is Change”.

The only Constant in the Universe is Change

What this Great Change will be exactly is still unknown. To me, it is a blissful, poetic mystery. To you, it may be a source of fear and anxiety. It all depends on your perspective. You have a very important part in how all of this will unfold.

We must be creative. We must promote the idea of giving for the sake of giving. We must inhabit it, live it and breathe it. We must be the change we want to see in the world. We must be stronger than the conditioning we’ve been given. We must awaken to our own potential. We must expand our sense of self to include the other.

That’s what Love is.

Love yourself first. No matter what. It is the only way to love others unconditionally. Nurture your wisdom, reason and compassion.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to re-read it at will. Let it sink in.

The Art of April-Anna

The other night I had a very deep experience. I thought I was going in for an art project. What I got instead was an introspective journey! I met April Anna just recently and I have to tell you, this woman is a very deep and spiritual soul! She has a great sense of humor as well! I can’t wait to show you what we did together…

In the meantime, why don’t you check out her bodypainting website?

News roundup

What has Victor Santoro been up to lately? Why is he speaking of himself in the 3rd person? Did he lose his marbles? Did he ever have any? 😛

Seriously now, I’ve been so busy enjoying my life and my freedom that I thought I’d give you a quick update on anything and everything Victor Santoro-related!

On the modelling side, I’ve been working with Nicolas McComber,  photography teacher at Collège Marsan, philosopher and photographer extraordinaire! Here’s a link to the results of our collaborative labours of Love.

Cocky Bastard!

I’ve also been working as a nude model for various drawing classes for Galerie Synesthésie. I’m looking forward to expanding my network in the area. Don’t hesitate to  contact me if you’re looking for a professional model! Check out the contact form at the end of this post.

I went to a boxing gym 2 days ago and Herby, the local trainer, kicked my ass so hard and I was so exhausted and yet fulfilled that I made a commitment to get a subscription and get to that next level of being in shape! Looking forward to looking the best I ever have in my entire life!

Also doing some theatre classes at the Montreal School of Performing Arts. I’m enjoying it immensely! My teacher is absolutely wonderful! And she teaches a variation of Method Acting which is wonderful since I had been reading Konstantin Stanislavsky’s An Actor’s Work. The main idea is not to act, but to be! If you would like to get yourself a copy, I highly suggest you get Jean Benedetti’s translated version, as it reads very clearly compared to past translations.

I’ve been busy advocating for the development of the electric car as well. I even started a website devoted to the cause!

On the music side, I’ve been obsessing over Radiohead’s latest masterpiece, The King of Limbs. In my not-so-humble educated opinion, this LP constitutes the epitome of their career. I feel like I could write an entire fascinating book dissecting the sheer genius behind this album! The opening lines are just so empowering. Open your mouth wide, the Universe will sigh. Wow! If you don’t own a pair of professional headphones, this album is an excellent reason to get one!

The Return of the Kings of Limbs

Lastly, and most importantly, I’ve been re-discovering my center through reading and practicing a book on Chakra energies. Here’s the Spanish version.

That’s it for now! Well, that’s all I’m willing to share with you at this point in time to be more precise! 😉