JULY 25, 2012

Striped Shirt Series


Should I use this one for my headshot?You talkin' to me!?

Hey, kid…You talkin’ to me!?

Pride, baby!

JULY 17, 2012

The Age Of Maturity

Photographs by Christopher Parente

I’m done playing around.


Tough decisions. 




Hypnotic Gaze


Photography by Michael Gregg Michaud


3 Jul

Photography by Michael Gregg Michaud





The Light of the Solar Plexus Chakra radiates

through the Beast’s Heart.

After a long Sleep, It awakens to cast

its Destruction upon the Ravaged Earth.

Photography by Claude Gauthier

Hair and make up by The Art of April Anna

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Behind the Scenes:

Transformation Meditation

Stopmotion Animation




At long last April Anna and I are ready

to show you the fruits of our labour of Love!

Check out the stop motion video she edited on her blog.

It is simply fantastic work in my humble opinion.

I hope you enjoy watching it

as much as we enjoyed making it!

…And a great big thank you to April Anna

for her dedicated, inspired work, generosity and wisdom!

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Sneak Peak


No Explanations Necessary


Have a Very Glam New Year!!

Photography by Greg Kansky



Photo by Jimmy Tousignant

Photo by Jimmy Tousignant

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This next photo comes from a photoshoot I did

with Claude Gauthier. Hot enough for you? Ha!


Cool Shots


I thought I would upload not one but two pics today!

A big thank you to Guillaume Mainville and

Joanie Gill for their hard work on these new shots!

I don’t look this

perfect in real life I swear!

The second pic is from my lawless days in Miami haha!

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Painting myself into a corner


As I advance through my career as an artist,

I notice that I’m gradually painting myself into a corner.

And I love it!

Copyright Charlene Lynch

If the thought of painting yourself into a corner frightens you,

try a different perspective!

What if that was actually the most wonderful corner

you’ve ever witnessed?

What if you could bring your own touch

to that particular corner

and embellish it for the World to see?

What if you could spread a positive message through that corner?

What if you could paint it, sculpt it,

touch it, feel it, breathe it, taste it,

hear it and watch it unravel more intensely that anything else?

It’s a wonderful thought,

and it also liberates me from yet another fear…

the fear of being painted into a corner…by others!

After all…It’s not like I can’t just move on to another corner

if this particular corner becomes dull and annoying,

like the Conservative Party of Canada!

Happy Earth Day everyone!!

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News roundup


What has Victor Antonio Contreras been up to lately?

Why is he speaking of himself in the 3rd person?

Did he lose his marbles? Did he ever have any? Mwahaha!

Seriously now…I’ve been so busy enjoying my life

and my freedom that I thought I’d give you a quick update

on anything and everything Victor Antonio Contreras-related!

On the modelling side, I’ve been working with Nicolas McComber,

photography teacher at Collège Marsan,

philosopher and photographer extraordinaire!

Here’s a link to the results of our collaborative labours of Love.

Cocky Bastard!

I’ve also been working as a live model for various drawing classes

for Galerie Synesthésie.

I’m looking forward to expanding my network in the area.

Don’t hesitate to  contact me if you’re looking for a professional model!

Check out the contact form at the end of this post.

I went to a boxing gym 2 days ago and Herby, the local trainer,

kicked my ass so hard and I was so exhausted and yet fulfilled

that I made a commitment

to get a subscription and get to that next level of being in shape!

Looking forward to looking the best I ever have in my entire life!

Also doing some theatre classes at the

Montreal School of Performing Arts.

I’m enjoying it immensely! My teacher, Dale Hayes,

is absolutely wonderful!

And she teaches a variation of Method Acting which is great

since I had been reading Konstantin Stanislavsky’s

An Actor’s Work.

The main idea is not to act, but to be!

If you would like to get yourself a copy,

I highly suggest you get Jean Benedetti’s translated version,

as it reads very clearly compared to past translations.


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