My Curriculum Vitae


UDA Stagiaire


[Generation Gap] Lead Express-O.Theatre

[The Question Is Why] PrincipalActor Express-O.Theatre

[M.E.N.] PrincipalActor Express-O.Theatre

[A Ranch in Mexico] PrincipalActor Ste-Catherine.Theatre

[Magic Mushroom] PrincipalActor Ste-Catherine.Theatre


[Maria’s Boys] PrincipalActor Broken Metatarsal Productions

[Treat Him Right] Lead Champlain.College

[Comédien sans frontièresLead MainCity.Productions

[Pain] Lead Torch.In.Sky.Productions

[Free Hugs] Lead Torch.In.Sky.Productions

[2011] PrincipalActor Torch.In.Sky.Productions

[You’re Such An…] PrincipalActor Torch.In.Sky.Productions

[A Little Monkey] Lead Torch.In.Sky.Productions

[À titre posthumeActor CÉGEP.St-Laurent




Teacher DaleHayes IntroductionPhase IMonologues

Teacher ConstantineKourtidis Just ScenesPhase II


CégepMontmorency Arts Filmmaking

UniversitéDeMontréal ComparedFilmandLiterature

Cybercap WebReportingInternship

Musitechnic ComputerAssistedSoundDesign


Driving[Standard] Volleyball Swimming Cycling WeightTraining Yoga Meditation

[Live/Stock/Editorial/Artistic]Modelling Photography Videography

Boxing StreetHockey DanceImprovisation





Italian ChileanSpanish German


Height 5’5”

Shoulder 35”

Hips 36”  

Neck 14”

Shoe 7 (37.5 Europe)  

Chest 36”

Thigh 21”

Waist 31

Dark Brown Eyes

Dark Brown Hair

Weight 130 lbs.


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