Photography by Michael Gregg Michaud



The Light of the Solar Plexus Chakra radiates through the Beast’s Heart. After a long Sleep, It awakens to cast its Destruction upon the Ravaged Earth.

Photography by Claude Gauthier

Hair and make up by The Art of April Anna

The Shortlist…Day 2 (Xavier Dolan)

Yep…This one’s a hottie!

He’s not just a pretty face though. He’s so much more than that! I don’t know how many people you know who have won 3 prizes at Cannes from the Director’s Fortnight, but I’m pretty sure Xavier is the only one! One of the prizes recognizes his undeniable talent as a screenwriter, another one from the Youth segment and the last one for the CICAE (Confédération internationale des cinémas d’art et d’essai).

And just like with Denis Villeneuve… I’ve actually worked with Xavier in the past as well! I played a small silent role in his upcoming film, Laurence Anyways. Check out the trailer at the link, it looks really interesting! Now… I’m ready for more!

…Oh, by the way, he’s even cuter in person!

Modelling Week: Day 1

I keep telling myself that I’ll start a Modelling Week next Monday… And then Monday comes and I forget! So I’ll just start unveiling previously unreleased photos starting today instead! I’ve never been one to blindly follow rules and conventions anyways! Enjoy your first shot everyone and stay tuned for more!


My monologue!

Hi again everyone! As part of my acting class at the Montreal School of Performing Arts, I was asked to perform a monologue in front of a live audience. Since not enough people got the privilege to watch this artist in action, I figured it might be a good idea to share it with as many people as possible. Enjoy! And leave your feedback! 🙂

The art of compassion

I’m currently reading a book by the Dalai Lama called The art of compassion. It really is an inpiring and fascinating book. What strikes me most is the sincerity, lucidity and rationality that he uses to explain the daily practice of the art of compassion. It’s meant to be read for all, regardless of your beliefs or non-beliefs. A guide towards peace of mind and soul. Highly recommended.