Shots from “Maria’s Boys”


Here are a couple of candid moments from the set of Maria’s Boys! A wonderful project with tons of potential! Coming soon to a computer or mobile screen near you!!

That last shot is with co-stars André Bédard and Joëlle Jérémie! What could Maria’s Boys be doing for a living? Hmmm…



Photography by Michael Gregg Michaud

I’m sexy and I know it!

Gettin' hot in here

Photography by Jeff Ciavola


Hey It’s Barry’s Birthday!

Let’s celebrate!


Well Hellooooo there!!

“Oh hi there! Tee hee!”

– “How’s it goin baby? Dig the hair?”

Sexy Haircut

– “Hold it right derr Mister! I got a daughtah! If you one o’ dem playaz, you can turn right back around and keep on walkin!”

– “Mmm Hmmm!”

Disturbing Nights

New photo from my collaboration with Hybrid Boy! Enjoy!


Modelling Week: Day 5

For today’s shot I figured I would give you a sneak peak at the work I’ve been doing with fellow artist and photographer Jimmy Tousignant. Feel free to check out his blog and the mini behind-the-scenes interview we did after our shoot (only available in french…Sorry!)


Modelling Week: Day 4

This next photo comes from a photoshoot I did with Claude Gauthier. Hot enough for you? 😉


Modelling Week: Day 1

I keep telling myself that I’ll start a Modelling Week next Monday… And then Monday comes and I forget! So I’ll just start unveiling previously unreleased photos starting today instead! I’ve never been one to blindly follow rules and conventions anyways! Enjoy your first shot everyone and stay tuned for more!



Now you can own my soul!

Some tribes used to believe, may still believe even, that taking one’s photograph meant taking their souls as well. Well, now’s your chance to own my soul! 😉

I’ve been doing shoots with Nicolas McComber lately. He’s a really great, professional guy. He teaches photography as well. I thought I’d link our shots from his website, where you can purchase your very own “pieces of Victor” for very moderate fees!

Some of these photos will make you sizzle. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

Be sure to check out the rest of his website as well! This guy is fantastic, I adore his architecture portfolio in particular. Enjoy!