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My co-star and I right before our "big shoot"

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Nurture your Wisdom, Reason and Compassion

Today I am self-employed. After years of trying to fit into the system and getting spit out every which way, I decided to say fuck it and followed my own heart and intuition instead. I don’t buy the old fallacy of appeal to authority you see.

Today I am all about opening eyes, hearts and souls. Instead of struggling to make money, like everyone else, I decided to face my fear of scarcity. I’ve opened my eyes to the fact that debt is inherent to the economic system. On a Global scale, there is always more debt than money available. And the discrepancy keeps on growing. Today, 15 million children die of starvation every year. Today, those who are truly in power are the multinationals who have the money and influence to buy out any Supreme Court judge, politician or President. If we let them. Our Home is in deep suffering and we are all controlled to some extent by our conditioning and our individual and collective fear. Our monetary system promotes egocentrism. It promotes the idea of Win/Lose, whether you personally believe in Win/Win or not.

A time of Great Change is at hand. You must make a choice today. You will either accept and promote the needed change, or you will resist it. Just as you suffer when you resist the Present Moment, you will suffer if you resist this Great Change. A very wise man once said, truthfully: “The only Constant in the Universe is Change”.

The only Constant in the Universe is Change

What this Great Change will be exactly is still unknown. To me, it is a blissful, poetic mystery. To you, it may be a source of fear and anxiety. It all depends on your perspective. You have a very important part in how all of this will unfold.

We must be creative. We must promote the idea of giving for the sake of giving. We must inhabit it, live it and breathe it. We must be the change we want to see in the world. We must be stronger than the conditioning we’ve been given. We must awaken to our own potential. We must expand our sense of self to include the other.

That’s what Love is.

Love yourself first. No matter what. It is the only way to love others unconditionally. Nurture your wisdom, reason and compassion.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to re-read it at will. Let it sink in.

Last Night I Got Choked Up…

This video set me off.

You have no idea how much seeing this would have changed my life if I had seen it as a little kid.  For the best.  In every. Single. Way.  And I’m only soon-to-be 32.  I have friends who are much older.  I lost one of them not too long ago. This guy:

I am proud to be who I am today.  I can thank Alan Sues for it, in part.  He was a major pioneer as far as being in the spotlight goes.  For gay people, that is .

I don’t know if kids realize these days just how much dedication to compassion, love and enlightenment was put into giving us a better World to live in today.  Alan was dedicated to those values in his own quirky way, whether he realized it or not.  I feel like it is my Honor, my Privilege and my Duty to give back to this same World.


In my own little way.

Thank you Alan.

You need to make “Fuck you” money!

A very dear friend and mentor of mine once told me 7 wise words. She looked straight into my eyes and she told me “You need to make “Fuck you” money!”

And she was spot-on! Like it or not, we live in a world where money yields a lot of power! Now that I realize my inner strength, there’s not a single thing  in the world that I would do for money if I wouldn’t otherwise do it for free! I do what I love doing, I give it my very best, and I have no shame in requesting that I be paid accordingly.

But do remember however, if you’re ever feeling tempted to abuse the power that money and greed brings, that two wrongs don’t make a right. To all you fuckers and ex-employers and power-tripping bosses out there I just want to say one thing: I’m not like you.

And if someone tries to force you to do something against your will by offering you money, remember the wise words of Zac de la Roca: “Fuck you I won’t do what you told me!”